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Scientific Session

Paper Title : Learning Environmental Love Characters through the Tradition of Menumbai Sialang in History Learning in High School

Amirul Syafiq

Abstract :

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to discuss the tradition of menumbai sialang and analyze the values of the Menumbai Sialang tradition in history, learning to form the character of environmental love in high schools. The method used in this study is qualitative. The data obtained by conducting literature studies, observations, and interviews with local leaders who understand the Menumbai Sialang tradition are then analyzed according to the research objectives. The results showed that tasting sialang is a tradition of taking honey traditionally, namely using mantras and all equipment using tools made from natural products. The value of the character of environmental love in the tradition of menumbai sialang can be seen from the implementation of Menumbai. The tools used are very environmentally friendly, for example, making a lift or ladder that will be used to climb the sealing tree; no use of nails can damage the trunk of the sialang tree, but even so, the ladder produced is still sturdy and safe to use for honey seekers. The character values of environmental love contained in the Menumbai tradition can be integrated into history subjects but need optimization and cooperation. Local history materials are expected to contribute to building historical awareness and character of the Riau people to still appreciate their local culture in protecting and preserving the environment.

Keywords: Menumbai Sialang, Love the Environment, History Learning, Riau, Indonesia.

Paper Title : TPACK Competency of Indonesian Mathematics Education Students in Designing Learning: Utilization of ICT in Education

Umi Hanifah

Abstract :

The integration of technology and pedagogy is essential for effective coaching and learning in a swiftly evolving educational environment. This research investigates the assessment of students' Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) skills whilst designing training that uses records and verbal exchange generation (ICT) in education. The aim is to measure the extent to which college students have the know-how and talents important to incorporate technology into their educational practices and content understanding. This research highlights the significance of comprehensive education, instructor assistance, and curriculum improvement to help the development of TPACK abilities. This research involved a group of 20 Mathematics Education students who were tasked with designing a learning approach that incorporates technology. Afterward, a more in-depth investigation was carried out by interviewing 3 out of the 20 students to gauge their ability to integrate technology into learning. The results show that at the same time as most college students have a fundamental knowledge of technology, pedagogy, and content, they still struggle to integrate these elements harmoniously into their teaching practices. The primary demanding situations are limited technical talents and a lack of information approximately integrating ICT into their educational practices.


Beril Deniz SARIOĞLU

Abstract :

Today, architecture is one of the disciplines most affected by changing and developing technology. With the influence of developing design methods, different forms are experimented and these forms are combined with new materials to create extraordinary structures. The aim of the study is to examine different form experiments within the scope of museum architecture; also to introduce the properties of titanium material, which is increasingly used in architecture but is not widely known and is thought to be suitable for the changing understanding of museum architecture. In the study, museum buildings shaped by the changing understanding of museum architecture are analyzed. The relationship between architectural structure and perception is examined with the concepts of form, shape, facade and material. by focusing on the unity of form and material; the architectural aesthetics brought by these concepts are analyzed through selected museum buildings.


Moch Arifudin

Abstract :

Research on growth mindset has become a trend lately. Growth mindset has a strong impact on a person's success in the areas of achievement and interpersonal relationships. This research aims to determine the relationship between spiritual character strength and growth mindset in Islamic boarding school students. Islamic boarding schools are Islamic-based educational institutions and social institutions that implement a boarding school system and have a series of activities that emphasize group worship activities and religious recitations which are carried out regularly, thereby triggering the use of massive spiritual character strengths. The character strength theory of spirituality used in this research is the concept of character strength initiated by Peterson and Seligman, while the growth mindset theory used is the mindset concept initiated by Carol Dweck. The research method used is a descriptive statistical method using the Pearson correlation test to determine the relationship between two interval variables. This research involved 127 students from one of the Islamic boarding schools in East Java, Indonesia. Based on the results of the Pearson correlation test, it shows that there is a positive and significant relationship between the strength of spiritual character and the growth mindset of students with a correlation of 0.247 at a significance level of 0.01. So H0 was rejected and the conclusion was obtained that the higher the strength of spiritual character, the higher the growth mindset of Islamic boarding school students.

Paper Title : Analysis Of Item Characteristics of Mathematics Test Instruments with Iteman 4.3 Application
Abstract :

The research aimed to assess the quality of a mathematics test used at State Junior High School 8 Tempuran and to describe the results of item analysis concerning reliability, discrimination index, difficulty level index, and distractor effectiveness. The study utilized a quantitative descriptive method with the assistance of the ITEMAN 4.3 application. The test consisted of 20 multiple-choice questions with 4 answer choices (A, B, C, and D), administered to 70 seventh-grade students at State Junior High School 8 Tempuran. The findings indicated a reliability value of Alpha = 0.610, suggesting a high level of reliability for the instrument. In terms of the discrimination index, 1 (5%) item was classified as very good, 6 (30%) as good, 4 (20%) as quite good, and 9 (45%) as not good. The Difficulty Level Index showed 2 (10%) difficult items, 15 (75%) medium items, and 3 (15%) easy items. Regarding distractor effectiveness, 18 (90%) items had effective distractors, while 2 (10%) items had ineffective ones. Overall, considering reliability, discrimination index, difficulty level index, and distractor effectiveness, among the 20 developed items, 10 (50%) were of good quality, 1 (5%) was of fair quality, and 9 (45%) were not good.

Abstract :

A test is a statement, task or set of tasks planned to obtain information about educational and psychological traits or attributes. The purpose of this research is to see the quality of the science test instrument items that have been tested on 8th grade students of SMPN 8 Yogyakarta and describe the results of item analysis related to the Differentiation Index (IDB), Difficulty Level Index (ITK), and distractor effectiveness. The type of research used in this study is descriptive quantitative with the help of the R program. The test instrument analyzed was in the form of 30 multiple choice questions with 4 answer choices (A, B, C and D). The subjects used were 32 students of class VIII SMPN 8 Yogyakarta. The results showed that the Differentiation Index (IDB) was 5 items in the "Good" category, and there were 25 items in the "Not Good" category. The Index of Level of Difficulty (ITK) there are 8 items in the "Medium" category, and there are 22 items in the "Easy" category. The effectiveness of distractors as many as 3 items have "Good" distractors, as many as 2 items have "Good Enough" distractors and as many as 25 items have "Not Good" distractors. Overall, it can be seen that the differential power is more dominant in the "Not Good" category as many as 25 items. For the results of the level of difficulty is at 0.709 to 1.000 with the category "Easy" as many as 25 items. For the results of the effectiveness of distractors, 25 items are dominant in the "Not Good" criteria.

Paper Title : E-Module Based on Minangkabau Local Wisdom: Need Analysis of Learning Resource to Improve Cultural Literacy Skills
Abstract :

E-Module Based on Minangkabau Local Wisdom: Need Analysis of Learning Resource to Improve Cultural Literacy Skills Abstract - Integrating local wisdom values in learning aims to improve students' cultural literacy skills. Learning resources are essential in implementing learning to achieve the goals, so there is a need for an analysis of the need for learning resources. The method in this research is descriptive qualitative. The data sources in this research were obtained through pre-test analysis of cultural literacy skills, questionnaire distribution, and interviews. This research aims to analyze the need for learning resources that can be used to enhance Minangkabau cultural literacy skills. The subjects in this research were twenty students for fourth grade at Elementary Public School 58 and Elementary Public School 29 Payakumbuh, and also interviewed two teachers. After triangulation processing of the data, the sourcebook did not contain various examples of Minangkabau local wisdom, which is part of their immediate environment. Besides that, schools also have adequate potential to meet learning needs. The results of the pre-test show that students still need to have more cultural literacy skills. Out of 40 students, the percentage of student learning success is 20%, and the remaining 80% still need to meet the learning completion requirements. The results of this research reflect that teachers and students need learning resources that are digital and integrated with local Minangkabau wisdom values. So, the learning resources required are e-modules based on local Minangkabau wisdom to improve students' cultural literacy skills.

Keywords: Need Analysis, Minangkabau, Local Wisdom, E-modul

Paper Title : Digital Multimodal to Promote Twenty First Century Learning Skills for English Young Learners Teachers Perspective
Abstract :

In today's digital age, learners must prepare to have 21st-century learning skills to face hindrances to technology's growth starting at an early age. Digital multimodality is essential for young English learners to promote 21st-century learning skills, precisely 4Cs' skills. These skills are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Integrating digital multimodal as a medium in learning activities engages learners' outcomes and helps to improve 4Cs young learners' English skills. It includes visuals, audio, and audio-visuals as instruction modalities for young learners to participate actively in English class. The research design used a mixed method in which the participants were fifteen teachers who taught young English learners in Indonesian private schools. The study's data was gathered through questionnaires and teacher interviews to explore digital multimodality used in their practices. The findings also reveal that (1) teachers employed digital multimodal in their classroom, (2) multimodal digital increases students' participation and learning outcomes, and (3) the implications of digital tools impact students' 4Cs' skills. The study's results suggest that the teachers utilize varied multimodal methods in English instruction to improve 4Cs' young learners. Furthermore, the implications of the results will be helpful for teachers in creating more engagement in English learning classroom activities for young learners.

Keywords: digital multimodal, 21st-century learning skills, 4Cs, English young learners.

Paper Title : Educational Innovation to Elevate Community Products
Abstract :

This paper presents findings from the third iteration of the Youth Volunteer Program. The Program is a pivotal strategy in the development of the nation and a critical initiative in the reform process of Thailand’s economy in the 21st century. Universities have been key drivers of economic growth in Thailand by contributing to regional development, attracting talent and promoting entrepreneurship. The objectives of this research are to investigate the attitudes of students towards the project, and to examine the attitudes of the community enterprise group towards the project. Questionnaires and interview tools were developed to elucidate the participants' attitudes.
The results indicate that this project can be considered as a starting point for driving change within the Thai education system, by providing students with opportunities to learn from real-life experiences and work in the field. Through such programs, students can develop and acquire new skills, which align with the concepts of upskilling and reskilling. Participants recognized the substantial value of this newfound knowledge and its potential applicability in their future endeavors, emphasizing its contribution to their overall success. Additionally, some participants suggested allocating more time for future studies to be dedicated to project involvement.

Paper Title : Representation of Moral Values in the Movie "Budi Pekerti" and its Implication in Fine Arts Learning
Abstract :

Movies are not just a spectacle sometimes, they also depict a portrait of natural conditions in society that can be drawn its moral messages. One of the exciting movies from Indonesia that can be drawn its moral message is "Budi Pekerti". This research discusses the representation of moral messages contained in the movie "Budi Pekerti" and its implications for learning fine arts, especially poster material. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. Data sources were obtained through several images of the movie "Budi Pekerti," from which moral messages were drawn using the note-taking technique. The results showed that the moral messages learned from the movie "Budi Pekerti" are: (1) Good relations between individuals are the most crucial aspect of living social life; (2) Small problems that are responded to with anger can magnify the problem; (3) Any negative actions shown in public will be easily exposed to social media; (4) Negative assumptions that cannot be accounted for can damage mentally and harm others; (5) It is essential to be a wise individual in using social media and find out the truth about the information obtained. These moral messages are essential for everyone to know, especially with today’s digitalization. To campaign these messages, they can be applied in learning by using the moral messages as ideas in making poster works.

Keywords : moral values, “Budi Pekerti” film, learning, poster.

Paper Title : Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Behavior in Halal Cosmetics: The Mediating Role of Trust and Distrust
Abstract :

This pilot study investigates consumer behavior in the halal cosmetics market, employing the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Theory of Trust to examine the roles of trust and distrust. It explores how halal product awareness, religious beliefs, trust, distrust and knowledge influence purchase intentions and consumer actions. The findings reveal that positive views on halal cosmetics significantly predict purchase intentions, while trust-distrust fosters lasting customer relationships. The study contributes to marketing literature by elucidating the complex interplay between consumer beliefs, trust, distrust, and behavior. It offers actionable insights for practitioners in the halal cosmetics industry, suggesting strategies to cultivate trust and address distrust.

Keywords: Intention Behavior Gap, Halal Cosmetics, Trust, Distrust

Paper Title : Comparison of Classical Item Characteristics With Several Software in Developing a Mathematics Learning Outcomes Test Instrument
Abstract :

This study outlines the development steps of a mathematics learning outcomes test and compares item characteristics using AnBuSo, ITEMAN, and RStudio software. Employing the 4D model (define, design, develop, disseminate) in Research & Development (R&D) methodology, the research took place in an East Java 8th-grade junior high school during the 2022/2023 academic year's second semester, focusing on circle material. A small-scale trial involved 33 students. Content validity assessment by 3 experts showed high validity for all items. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) for construct validity revealed 3 factors comprising 7 items. Factor 1 contained 5 variables (items 1, 7, 9, 13, and 15), factor 2 had 1 variable (item 14), and factor 3 had 1 variable (item 12). Comparative analysis of item characteristics among AnBuSo, ITEMAN, and RStudio demonstrated similar and nearly identical values in differentiation and difficulty level, indicating good differentiation and moderate difficulty across all items. Thus, it’s inferred that all three software options are equally effective for item characteristic analysis.

Paper Title : Evaluation of online medical technologist training courses conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 compared with face-to-face lectures in 2019
Abstract :

This study compares students enrolled in face-to-face (F/F) lectures in 2019 and those who received online teaching (O/T) during the coronavirus disease pandemic in 2020 regarding the results of their class evaluation questionnaires and their scores on regular exams and the national medical technologist qualifying examination. Regarding the results of the class evaluation questionnaires, students’ self-study time, interest in the subject, and sense of achievement were significantly higher for first through third-year students in F/F courses than those who received O/T lectures. However, this trend was reversed for the fourth-year students. The scores obtained on the national clinical technologist examination in students’ fourth years were significantly higher for those in the 2020 class. The results suggest that O/T education encourages students to learn independently, which leads to improved performance. However, O/T has room for improvement because providing experience-based O/T education, including practical training, is challenging.
Based on these findings, we believe that the quality of education can be improved by combining O/T education, which encourages independent learning, with F/F education, which is advantageous for practical training.

Paper Title : singing The Truth: Analysis of the Trauma Healing Process of 1965 Tragedy Survivors in Indonesia in the Film Lagu Untuk Anakku (Songs for My Children)
Abstract :

Survivors of the 1965 violence in Indonesia have used various methods to recover from the trauma they felt. One way is to form a community. One of the communities that emerged after the release of political prisoners was the Dialita Choir. The Dialita Choir consists of the mothers who survived the violent events of 1965. They are active survivors who are currently trying to recover from trauma and pass on their life experiences to the younger generation. They collected and sang songs created while in detention. Songs that during the New Order era would probably never have been sung and people would never have known about them. Now, 25 years after the reformation, these songs are sung by former political prisoners. Through the songs they sing, they remember and try to make peace with the situation. In 2022, the Dialita Choir was immortalized into a documentary film entitled Lagu Untuk Anakku (Songs for My Children). This research will discuss how the Dialita Choir became a place of healing for women survivors of the 1965-1966 tragedy presented in the film. Through a multimodal critical discourse analysis method approach, it was found that joining a community and singing could be a way to heal the trauma experienced by survivors of the 1965 tragedy.

Paper Title : Development of Human Activity Recognition Web Application with Smartphone Sensor
Abstract :

Human activity recognition (HAR) aims to automatically identify human actions with the aid of measuring tools such as sensors and video feeds. HAR is crucial in numerous sectors like healthcare monitoring, gait analysis and fall detection. Built-in sensors in smartphone devices like accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS sensors could be utilized to study the user's physical activity pattern. This study aims to develop an efficient smartphone-based HAR system that balances accuracy, latency and computational resources. First, the accelerometer will capture the data and send the data packet to a Flask server. The data will undergo some preprocessing before being passed to a trained machine learning model for prediction. The preprocessing workflow includes data segmentation and feature extraction (e.g. statistical features and fast Fourier Transform), while the classifiers experimented in this paper are decision tree, random forest, gradient boosting decision trees, 1D convolutional neural network and long short term memory (LSTM) models. Then, the results will be aggregated and visualized in intuitive graphical displays and be shown on the client’s browser.

Paper Title : Innovative Pedagogy Unveiled: Navigating the Future of Education Through Escape Rooms
Abstract :

This study explores the impact of an "Escape Rooms Applied to Education" course on Turkish educators. Two questionnaires were used, with the first administered at the beginning of the training and the second after completion. Despite some demographic variations and a small sample size, consistent trends were observed. The participants, mostly in their forties, had limited familiarity with escape rooms, with few having gaming experience and none creating escape rooms themselves. However, the evaluation of the educational potential of escape rooms received enthusiastic responses, indicating motivation, involvement, and satisfaction.
Expectations for escape rooms were generally positive, with some expressing neutrality. The second questionnaire, based on the first, introduced new definitions for escape rooms and yielded surprisingly positive results. The predominant definition emerged as "a fun and playful activity," followed by "an enigmatic quest" and "a challenge of one's own primacy."
Overall, these results highlight a positive reception of the educational potential of escape rooms among educators, emphasizing their motivational and engaging qualities. The study makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of escape rooms in an educational context.

Paper Title : Synergies in Education: Simulation Techniques, Electronic Portfolios, and SDGs for Future-Focused Learning
Abstract :

The "Competence-based Training and Simulation in Healthcare" project seeks to enhance the educational landscape in partner institutions by incorporating simulation techniques, electronic portfolios, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into healthcare education. The project's core activities encompass a needs analysis, teacher training sessions, student mobilities, and the development of electronic portfolio templates and simulation activities. These deliverables are designed to harmonize educational practices with market requirements, promote collaboration, critical thinking, and facilitate the adoption of progressive pedagogical approaches.
The partnership actively engages with the 17 SDGs, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive guide for their implementation in healthcare education. Through meticulous evaluation and mediation processes, the project endeavors to amplify the professional and personal development of both teachers and students. Concurrently, it aims to fortify the collaborative capacities of partner institutions at a transnational level. This academic pursuit aligns with the overarching goal of cultivating a dynamic and responsive healthcare education framework, equipping educators and learners with the skills necessary to navigate and address emerging challenges in the field.

Paper Title : The Interactive Path of Integrating Traditional Art Intangible Cultural Heritage into University Art Education in Jiangsu Province
Abstract :

The intangible cultural heritage is facing a crisis of disappearance, and protecting and inheriting it is an urgent task. Universities are the best battlefield for promoting the protection of intangible cultural heritage and cultivating inheritors of intangible cultural heritage. In response to the government's call, the protection of intangible cultural heritage will be integrated into university curriculum training and education. This study combines commonly used research methods in education with traditional art to conduct a literature survey on the protection and inheritance status of intangible cultural heritage in traditional art in Jiangsu Province. Firstly, it analyzes the existing problems in intangible cultural heritage protection and the obstacles and difficulties encountered in integrating intangible cultural heritage into university art education. Secondly, it emphasizes the necessity and interrelationships of integrating intangible cultural heritage protection into university art education. This research focuses on putting forward effective suggestions from the three aspects of curriculum design principles, and teaching mode reform. The establishment of a coordinated inheritance and protection mechanism, trying to promote the integration of traditional art and intangible cultural heritage into college art professional education, to cultivate corresponding high-level knowledge successors, and better realize the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

Paper Title : The influence of online community of inquiry on university students' critical thinking disposition and English academic level
Abstract :

Critical thinking is becoming part of core competences for the future career development and it is also a crucial objective for talent development at the information age. Critical thinking encompass both cognitive skills and disposition to think. The better the development of critical thinking dispositions, the stronger the individual's critical thinking ability is. However, There is comparatively little empirical study on critical thinking dispositions among students who do not major in English in China. As a result, the usefulness of online community of inquiry in improving Chinese university students' critical thinking dispositions and English academic level were investigated in this study. 50 freshmen enrolled in a College English course at a university in Tangshan, Hebei, China, took part in the study. The study's findings suggest that online community of inquiry can improve students' English academic level and critical thinking dispositions with significantly positive impact on students' English academic level but without significant positive influence on students’ critical thinking dispositions. The limitations of research and their implications are also discussed.

Paper Title : Students' Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability Mathematics Education Through Project-Based Assessment
Abstract :

This research aims to investigate the mathematical critical thinking abilities of mathematics education students through the application of project-based assessments. Mathematical critical thinking is an essential ability in developing deep understanding and effective problem-solving abilities in mathematical contexts. However, there are challenges in developing critical mathematical thinking skills in applying project-based assessment among mathematics education students. This research is descriptive research with a qualitative approach that involves students' active participation in designing, implementing, and analyzing project-based assignments that focus on aspects of mathematical critical thinking. The subjects of this research were 35 students who programmed the Assessment course. Data was collected through participatory observation, interviews, and document analysis of project-based student performance results. The research results show that implementing project-based assignments can improve students' critical mathematical thinking skills in the moderate improvement category. It is hoped that the implications of this research can provide recommendations for curriculum development, teaching strategies, and learning approaches that focus more on developing students' critical mathematical thinking.

Paper Title : Enhancing SPI Protocol Verification: A Comparative Study of System Verilog and UVM for Efficient SoC Memory Systems
Abstract :

The expanding scale and complexity of integrated circuit designs present growing challenges in the verification process, making it increasingly difficult and time-consuming. To address this, there is a vital need for testbench architectures with generic, reusable verification components that can seamlessly extend across diverse designs. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) emerges as a widely utilized protocol for low/medium-speed data transfers within and between chips, boasting verified design functionality and zero data loss during transmission.
In the realm of verification, where more than 70 percent of the time is dedicated, there is an urgent requirement to establish a reusable and robust verification environment. Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) stands out as a promising solution to meet this demand.
At the core of this research is the application of UVM to verify Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocols, ensuring a robust design with zero data loss. The paper addresses challenges in System on Chip (SoC) verification, emphasizing the need for a reusable environment. The study explores the efficacy of SystemVerilog in SPI master and slave verification, emphasizing the critical role of UVM in verifying SPI memory systems and outlining its advantages over SystemVerilog.

Paper Title : Role of Social Marketing in Building Corporate Reputation During Covid-19 Pandemic-A Study Conducted Among Omani Youth
Abstract :

The study investigates the role of social marketing in building corporate reputation during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on the UTAS students representing the Omani youth. Using an email survey distributed among UTAS students, three hypotheses were tested. The results indicate strong support for all the hypotheses. Consumers were found to be more likely to engage with and support those who conducted social marketing campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also found that the social marketing campaigns had a positive impact on organizational reputation. Additionally, it was observed that social marketing campaigns effectively raised awareness and provided valuable information on the pandemic. The findings align with previous literature and underscore the influential role of social marketing in enhancing corporate reputation and engaging stakeholders, besides contributing to social well-being, especially during crises.

Keywords: Social Marketing, corporate reputation, consumer engagement, public awareness, crisis communication, and brand image.

Paper Title : The Moderation Effect of Teachers’ Work Experience in Implementing Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
Abstract :

The educational platform is rapidly moving towards implementing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) to add value and foster collaboration among teachers, aiming to enhance student achievement in an academic and positive manner. This study focuses on examining the implementation of PLC among secondary school teachers in the state of Selangor. The study adopted the CIPP model, pioneered by Daniel Stufflebeam in 1971, which assesses Context, Input, Process, and Product. The study employs a quantitative method whereby a total of 480 teachers were involved in the survey. As groundwork for the research analysis, descriptive statistical analysis was employed to obtain scores and means, whereas Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with AMOS 24.0 was adopted to test the significance of the concerned variables. This study also explores how teachers’ work experience, acting as a moderating factor, influences the relationship between Context and Process evaluation concerning the Product evaluation when implementing PLC. The results revealed a significant correlation between Context and Process evaluations with Product evaluation. Furthermore, it highlights the moderating influence of work experience on the effects within the Product evaluation aspect of PLC implementation.

Paper Title : Proposed Development and Implementation of Bullying Intervention Program on Bullied Pupils
Abstract :

School-based crisis intervention constitutes an iterative and dynamic process strategically designed to enhance the overall well-being of a school community following a crisis experience. It is an ongoing and evolving process that provides immediate support to trauma, promotes positive coping strategies, and prevents long-term psychological impairment. This research proposal endeavors to formulate and execute a comprehensive school crisis intervention program to address the well-being of bullied pupils. The primary objective is cultivating and implementing an empirically informed bullying intervention program seamlessly integrated into the school’s responsive services network. Employing a program development research design incorporating qualitative and quantitative methodologies, data will be systematically collected from a cohort of 120 adolescent pupils ages 11 to 16 at schools within the De La Salle West Luzon Cluster. The outcomes of this investigation are poised to contribute significantly to establishing a standardized crisis intervention protocol in educational institutions with a specialized emphasis on addressing the pervasive issue of bullying.

Keywords: Adolescent Well-Being, Bullying, Program Development, School Crisis Bullying Intervention

Paper Title : The effect of design thinking on the implementation of a constructivist teaching approach: Teachers' perceptions
Abstract :

The higher education sector is undergoing profound changes today. It is indeed facing several challenges for many reasons. In this article, we combine the capabilities of design thinking with the principles of constructivist learning theory. Design thinking is an agile and human-centered innovation approach to solving complex problems in organizations, while constructivist learning is based on the idea that the learner develops his or her own knowledge based on a specific mental activity. We examine the impact of design thinking capabilities on the implementation of a constructivist pedagogical approach in higher education institutions. We conduct a quantitative study by administering a questionnaire to university professors to identify their opinions regarding the implementation of a constructivist pedagogical approach based on design thinking. A sample of 213 university professors responded to the questionnaire on a 7-point Likert scale.
The results and future perspectives discussed highlight the importance of including the constructivist approach to develop 21st century skills in students by integrating design thinking as a flexible approach to facilitate the implementation of innovations. Keywords: Design Thinking; Constructivist Learning; Higher Education; Pedagogical Innovation.

Abstract :

This descriptive study was conducted to assess the level of challenges and approaches from traditional education to virtual education among selected private schools in Baguio City for the school year 2020 – 2021 in the aspects of instruction, psychology, and resources which became the basis for a proposed framework for private schools from the shift to traditional education to virtual education.
This study covered the population of 107 teachers and 14 principals who experienced the transition of traditional education to virtual education in selected private schools. Mean, ranking, and Pearson correlation were used as statistical tools to quantify the data. It utilized survey questionnaire which was adopted from Reimers and Schleicher, QuestionPro, the Hanover Research and Council Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Themes were identified from the qualitative responses.
The findings of the study revealed that the teachers experienced high level of challenges in the transition from traditional education to virtual education. It is also interesting to know that the teachers also observed high level of approaches in the transition from traditional education to virtual education. Findings imply that there was no significant relationship between the challenges experienced to the observed approaches by the teachers to the transition from traditional education to virtual education. It revealed that the approaches executed in the transition were just enough to aid the challenges in the transition from traditional to virtual education. This study, thereby, recommends to reinforce school transitions on learning modalities, inventory of school resources, planning for school marketing, online distance learning, curriculum evaluation, teachers’ training according to the educational trends, improving facilities, data privacy, and improvement of buildings and laboratories to advance schools in the new normal.

Index Terms Principals or administrators, Traditional education, Virtual education, Online Distance Learning

Paper Title : Assessing Validity and Reliability of Anchor Items Using the Rasch Model Measurement
Abstract :

The purpose of this study is to determine the validity and reliability of anchor items which are used in equating of three set of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) science test. This research is a quantitative descriptive study that describes the quality of 10 anchor items made by the researcher. The items were administered to 50 pupils of year five in primary school for pilot testing in the form of multiple-choice questions. Rasch model measurement was used to analyze the validity and reliability of the items. The Rasch analysis showed that all the items fit the model as their MNSQ values are between 0.81 and 1.14. All the items showed positive point measure correlation (PTMEA CORR) indicated that the discrimination of the item is good. The findings of the Summary Statistic indicated that item reliability and item separation for the anchor items is 0.86 and 2.51 respectively while, the person reliability and person separation are 0.11 and 0.35 respectively. The findings revealed that the items are valid, reliable, and appropriate to be used as anchor items in the real study.

Index Terms validity, reliability, anchor items

Abstract :

The Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) program is an important program in China’s education. It shows a profound role in shaping cultural understanding and facilitating global communication. China's TCSL program education is making significant strides, swiftly progressing into a stage marked by notable and rapid development. This evolution underscores the country's commitment to enhancing education related to this program. Despite its potential impact, the program faces challenges, resulting in reduced competitiveness among graduates and obstacles in securing employment. This study examines the hurdles encountered during the implementation of the TCSL program in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region(GX). The current implementation of TCSL is faced with the ideology of teachers, it’s hard to make the curriculum standard, the teacher’s qualification is not up to the standard and the lack of scientific evaluation system. There are some problems in the current implementation of TCSL program, such as lagging lack of curriculum resources and lack of curriculum subjects, lack of encouragement by administration, lack of participants' comprehension of the program. A comprehensive exploration aims to uncover causes of these challenges and propose the measures to solve the problem. The current situation for TCSL program implementation in our country is decidedly unfavorable, lacking optimism. TCSL program has not undergone substantive development. The current state suggests a need for concerted efforts to enhance and advance TCSL education.

Paper Title : Developing an ADDU Online Pedagogical Framework
Abstract :

Abstract - The study was conducted to develop an Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) online pedagogical framework that will help guide the university’s shift to online education. Following a developmental research design with twenty (20) participants involving a founder and nineteen (19) co-founders of the ADDU Center for Educational Research and Advocacy (ACERA) and the approved minutes as the main source of data, results were established. The results included the general framework of ADDU online pedagogy/education, considerations of Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP) as an overarching framework and Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate (ADDIE) model which complements with formation, and metrics for evaluation to measure ADDU’s model for instruction. The study recommends to continue reframing the strategies given the findings and evaluation through the use of the Kirkpatrick model and provide appropriate interventions for faculty, students, and administrative support staff. Further, it recommends to create a platform to share the insights learned from the experiences of the internal stakeholders, and study outcomes to external collaborators of the University through dissemination such as publication, engagement, and advocacy that will help other schools and partner institutions in the implementation of their platform of instruction especially in online education within Mindanao and beyond.

Keywords ADDIE Model, IPP, Kirkpatrick Model, and Online Education

Paper Title : cultural peculiarities of speech economy in reflecting linguistic picture of the world (in the material of the English and Uzbek languages)
Abstract :

The national-cultural peculiarities of speech economy, as reflected in the linguistic picture of the world, can vary between different languages, including English and Uzbek. Speech economy refers to the efficient use of language resources to convey meaning effectively. We can take some aspects to consider when examining the national-cultural peculiarities of speech economy in English and Uzbek.
English tends to favor direct and concise expressions. The language emphasizes brevity and often uses straightforward statements to convey meaning. This can be observed in expressions such as "I need your help" or "Please pass the salt." Also, it is commonly known for its pragmatism in English language, focusing on the practical aspects of communication. The language places importance on clarity and efficiency, which is reflected in its speech economy.
Furthermore, we can give another sample of English language where it allows for a certain degree of informality in speech, particularly in informal settings or casual conversations. This informality can lead to the use of contractions, abbreviations, and colloquial expressions to save time and effort.
By contrast, Uzbek language and culture often place a strong emphasis on politeness and respect. This can be seen in the use of honorifics and formal expressions when addressing others. Politeness strategies may affect the speech economy by requiring additional words or formulas to convey respect. We should take into consideration that Uzbek language tends to employ more indirect and circumlocutory expressions compared to English. Indirectness may be used to soften requests, convey politeness, or show deference. This can sometimes result in longer and more complex constructions.
The linguistic picture of the world in Uzbek may include specific cultural concepts and values that influence speech economy. For example, Uzbek culture places significance on hospitality, family, and tradition, which may be reflected in the language and affect communication patterns.
These are general observations, and individual variations and contexts will always exist. Additionally, language use is dynamic and can evolve over time, so these observations can be changed by speakers of English or Uzbek.

Paper Title : The Influence of Social Media on Generation Z and Millennial Generation Participation in Environmental Conservation.
Abstract :

This article discusses the influence of social media used by Generation Z and the Millennial Generation in environmental conservation. In the near future, social media is often used to obtain information. With this, social media can be used as a place for aspirations or to create things that have an influence on society. Influential information usually gets higher intensity in society. One example is information about environmental conservation campaigns. Many people do not realize how important it is to preserve the environment. Social media is the right place to expand environmental conservation campaigns today. This article uses the Literature Review method. Campaign activities carried out on social media can provide knowledge and a sense of concern to the community, even to the government regarding environmental conservation issues which are very important in life.

Keywords Environmental Conservation, Generation Z, Millennial Generation, Social Media.

Paper Title : Green Behavior and Sustainability in Organizations: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis
Abstract :

As the global awareness of environmental issues and sustainability continues to grow, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting green behavior and sustainable practices. This research article presents a comprehensive review and analysis of the literature surrounding green behavior and sustainability in organizations. The article explores the factors influencing the adoption of green behavior, the benefits and challenges of implementing sustainability practices, and the strategies organizations can employ to promote a culture of sustainability. By synthesizing existing research, this article aims to provide insights into the current state of knowledge in this field and suggest avenues for future research and practical application.
Environmental sustainability has become an ethical and strategic imperative for organizations, and more and more employees are interested, encouraged, or instructed to act in environmentally sustainable ways. Consequently, organizational scholars have increasingly studied individual-level antecedents of employee pro-environmental or employee green behavior (EGB). We argue that, to advance this literature and to inform effective interventions, research should investigate how EGB, as a compound performance domain, is associated with antecedents and consequences at multiple levels (i.e., individual, team, work context, organization, society). Accordingly, we pursue three interrelated goals with this review. We first present a comprehensive review of research on EGB, including definitions, theoretical frameworks, methodological approaches, and empirical findings. Second, we develop an integrative conceptual model of EGB as the core of organizational environmental sustainability. Third, we conclude with recommendations for future theory development and methodological improvements, as well as practical implications for employees, leaders, and human resource management.

Keywords employee green behaviour, sustainability, sustainable organization, green leadership.

Abstract :

Organizational change management in the advancement of digital technology becomes strategic in organizational culture and sharing knowledge in carrying out innovation, so that it can provide the best. The aim of this research is to analyze organizational change management in creating an organizational culture and knowledge sharring that innovate in digital technology. This research uses a qualitative method using library research, namely a method of collecting data by understanding and studying theories from various literature related to the research. There are four stages of library study in research, namely preparing the necessary equipment, preparing a working bibliography, organizing time and reading or recording research material. This data collection uses the method of searching for sources and constructing them from various sources, for example books, journals and research that has already been carried out. Library materials obtained from various references are analyzed critically and must be in-depth in order to support the propositions and ideas. It is hoped that this article can explain the concept of organizational change management in the context of creating a work culture that supports innovation. The research results showed that Synchronization of organizational culture elements with knowledge management elements that regulate how to advocate a supportive organizational culture that encourages employees to have the intention to ensure that knowledge is created, stored, transferred and applied is very important, thus the importance of effective organizational change management in creating a successful work culture. support innovation. An innovative work culture can generate competitive advantages for organizations and enable adaptation and growth amidst constant change. The author also underlines the need for further research and study in the field of organizational change management to increase understanding and best practices in creating a work culture that supports innovation.

Keywords Organizational Change Management, Organizational Culture, Knowledge Sharing.

Paper Title : Social Integration Among Japanese Retirees In Thailand And Its Implication For Their Sustainable Development
Abstract :

Thailand is one of the most popular long-stay destinations for Japanese older people. The increase in the proportion of the elderly in the total population in Japan resulting in the increasing demand for international retirement migration (IRM). Retirees’ migration becomes popular with the intention to search for a more affordable living environment and as a second home retirement destination. This is a new form of migration for elderly people in their later lives to places that offers more favorable features and better life quality after retirement. This quantitative research aims to study the social integrations of Japanese elderly staying long-term in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. The key informants were 200 Japanese, with years of age between 55 to 70 and staying for long-term program (IRM), selected by purposive sampling. The informants holding Non-Immigration Visa, code O-A (long-stay), and staying in Thailand for more than five years.This article demonstrate how Japanese retirees became socially capable through events in their life course. The concept of “social capability” contributes to the study of retirees’ attitute and mediating effect of local support on the linkage between attitude and social integration.

Keywords international retirement migration, social integration, aging, social capability, attitude, local support.

Paper Title : Local Characteristics in Contemporary Malaysian Art Creation
Abstract :

This study examined the academic resilience of the teachers combatting the effects of COVID-19 pandemic crisis during the education in the new normal. Explanatory Sequential Research Design was used. Online survey was first conducted having two hundred thirty-six actual respondents, almost all are Licensed Professional Teachers serving the Basic Education in Central Luzon, Philippines. To crystalize vital points in the findings of the survey, online interviews were conducted with eight teacher-participants. The characteristics of the respondents in the survey were identified. The findings are discussed using the themes relevant to the academic resilience of the teachers which include teachers as (1) advocates of wellness, (2) multi-taskers, (3) pandemic warriors, (4) pilgrims of resilience, and (5) optimistic role models. Using the descriptive statistics of frequency and percentage, the quantitative part of this study was analyzed. Further, Thematic Analysis was utilized to analyze the data gathered from interviews. Findings reveal that Filipino teachers are highly resilient which is evident in them being able to adapt to the current demands of their teaching profession in the new normal. Learning how to use different computer applications has made teaching online easy for them despite some hesitations before the school year began. Part of the academic resilience of the teachers are being adaptive or flexible, being optimistic, being able to find reasons to succeed, getting back up and carrying on, having a drive to keep fighting, and being courageous and brave. These are the values that the teachers possess that enabled them to surpass difficulties and sustain their psychological strength up to this moment.

Keywords teachers’ upskilling, psychological strength, Education Frontliners, pandemic crisis, information technology.

Paper Title : Assessing English Language Learning (ELL) Websites Usability: An Automated Evaluation Approach.
Abstract :

Technical quality is a fundamental component of website quality. Inefficiently designed websites can cause dissatisfaction among users, resulting in a high bounce rate where they just view the main page without exploring other pages. Thus, this study attempts to evaluate the technical quality of English Language Learning (ELL) websites in relation to 'Site Performance', 'Mobile Friendliness', 'SEO', and 'Security' aspects. The PageRank (PR) tool was utilised to choose the sample according to their significance and level of importance. Only 24 ELL websites with high importance rankings (PR4-PR9) were selected as the sample for the study. An automated website tool called Website Grader was used to evaluate the technical quality of these websites. 71% of the examined ELL websites are rated as having average technical quality. 17% of websites are considered to have good technical quality. The abundance of average-to-good quality ELL websites highlights the significant potential of these valuable resources for use within the teaching and learning context. The findings offer website hosts valuable insights into the deficiencies and urgent need to improve the quality of their websites. Furthermore, this assessment offers insight into the effectiveness of automated evaluation techniques in evaluating language learning websites. Comparative studies may be carried out to determine the technical quality based on the various tools used.

Paper Title : Exploration of Factors Affecting Malaysia Tertiary Students’ Satisfaction in Food Delivery Applications with Data Mining Method
Abstract :

Online food delivery applications (OFD apps) have existed in Malaysia for more than a decade. It has received a wide range of customer acceptance among the young and adults in Malaysia. However, the paradigm of customer satisfaction in the OFD apps has shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. There were several recent research conducted to identify the factors that affected Malaysian tertiary students’ satisfaction towards OFD apps. However, past research did not study the aspect of OFD apps’ content and user interface (UI) design from a mobile application’s usability study perspective. Moreover, past research also did not classify or cluster the customers to understand them from a deeper perspective. This research attempted to explore the factors affecting Malaysian tertiary students' satisfaction with OFD apps with two data mining methods multiple regression analysis (MRA) and K-means clustering analysis, by using questionnaire data collected from 156 Malaysia tertiary students. The output of the analysis will help the OFD service providers to understand the student customer group better and be able to plan the right resources to manage the app's quality and services.

Paper Title : The Exploration and Analysis of Malaysia Web 3.0 Financial System’s Design Factors with Quantitative Survey and Clustering Method
Abstract :

While the adoption of Internet technology has revolutionized the Malaysian financial industry, the current Malaysia Web 2.0 financial systems lack transparency, security, and accessibility. The shortcomings could be resolved by introducing Web 3.0 to Malaysia's financial industry. This research aimed to explore the factors that influenced the adoption of Web 3.0 financial systems among Malaysian adults. Firstly, a Web 3.0 prototype system was developed with Web 3.0 design features. The web system’s interfaces were included in the questionnaire form, where 150 Malaysian adults were prompted to respond with their agreement on whether the factors of decentralization, security, transparency, accessibility, effectiveness, learnability, and ease of use are important and have positive significant relationships with intention to use Web 3.0 financial systems. The findings from hypothesis analysis found that only the factors of transparency, security, and accessibility had positive relationships with the intention to use Web 3.0 financial systems among Malaysian adults. The findings were later proposed as Malaysia Web 3.0 financial systems’ design framework, and further analyzed with the K-Means clustering method, for the benefit of Web 3.0 industry players to better understand adult users’ preferences. These research findings will support and grow the usage of Malaysia's Web 3.0 finance systems.

Paper Title : Exploration of Factors Affecting Intention to Use Software Testing Tool In Jinan, Shandong, China with Quantitative Survey Method
Abstract :

The adoption of the right software testing tools is important to ensure the comprehensiveness of software quality and accuracy before the software is launched and used by the intended users. However, there is a persistent gap in understanding the factors that influence the intention to use software testing tools among software testers. This research was conducted with quantitative survey analysis to explore whether the factors of functional stability, reliability, usability, security, and portability have positive and significant relationships with the intention to use software testing tools, among the 306 software testers from multi-field companies. All the hypothesis testing for the above-mentioned relationships were accepted. In subsequent multiple regression test, three factors namely reliability, usability, and portability are significant and could be used to construct the theoretical framework for software testing tools adoption. The findings of this research could help the developers of software testing tools to create more reliable, high usability, and portable testing tools, to increase the software adoption rate among the software testers.

Paper Title : The Use of Scaffolding Technique to Improve Children’s Problem-Solving Skills
Abstract :

This study aimed to investigate the effects of the scaffolding technique on preschoolers' problem-solving skills. This study employed a quasi-experimental design with a nonrandomized controlled trial. Eighty-six preschool children aged between five to six years old from two preschools in Universiti Putra Malaysia and 46 mothers participated in the study. The participants were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The scaffolding techniques were based on five levels of assistance (Level 1: General verbal treatment; Level 2: Specific verbal treatments; Level 3: Specific verbal treatments and non-verbal indicators; Level 4: Prepares for next action and Level 5: Demonstration). Problem-solving skills were measured by using a set of 35-piece jigsaw puzzles. The data were collected in three phases: (1) pre-test, (2) administrating scaffolding treatment, and (3) post-test. The data was analyzed using the independent sample t-test and paired sample t-test. The results demonstrated statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the experimental group and the control group in the post-test. The results also revealed a significant difference in the problem-solving skills of the children in the experimental group between the pre-test and post-test. These findings imply that children can internalize their mothers’ scaffolding technique during the treatment and become more able to complete the task independently. Therefore, parents need to give appropriate support based on the children’s ability in helping them to increase their problem-solving skills.

Paper Title : Peer Attachment and Aggression Among Adolescents: A Systematic Review of Literature
Abstract :

There have been several studies on adolescent aggression highlighting the antecedents of adolescent aggression, including environmental and individual factors. Although studies have been conducted to reveal the relationship between peer attachment and adolescent aggression, few studies have integrated and systematized the existing research on adolescent peer attachment and aggression. The present review attempts to fill this gap. This review first searched for relevant studies, and then coded and categorized them. After a comprehensive review, eighteen relevant studies were identified. The review suggests that peer attachment significantly predicts adolescent aggression and that other variables mediate and moderate the relationship between peer attachment and adolescent aggression. Future research should focus more on the role of peer attachment, more systematically examine the variables associated with peer attachment and adolescent aggression and the relationships between them and should also expand the breadth of adolescent aggression targets.

Keywords Adolescent, Aggression, Aggression, Peer Attachment, Systematic literature review

Paper Title : The effect of SAQ training on the agility of college students in higher education.
Abstract :

Agility is an expression of the body's overall ability, and SAQ training is flexible, multilateral, and fun.Most scholars have primarily explored the effects of SAQ training on ball sports, but there have been fewer studies on developing student agility.The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of SAQ training on the agility of college students in higher education .METHODS: An experimental study was conducted on 48 students majoring in physical education in the class of 2023 at Guangzhou Sports Institute in Guangzhou, China.Experimental group (24), using SAQ training. The control group (24), using traditional agility training.Experimental intervention on 8-week course.Testing the index of students' agility before and after the experiment. SPSS Sample T-tests were used to analyze the variability of the test results.CONCLUSION: There was a significant difference in agility index between both experimental and control groups after conducting the experiment for 8 weeks. p value to detect the significance of both groups before and after the experiment was significantly higher in experimental group than in control group.Both SAQ training and traditional agility training are helpful for college students' agility, but SAQ training is superior to traditional agility training for college students' agility.