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Scopus Indexed Journals

Journal of critical reviews

ISSN: 2394-5125

Journal of Solid State Technology

ISSN: 0038-111X

Universal Journal of Educational Research

ISSN: 2332-3213

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology

ISSN: 0128-7680

Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities

ISSN: 2394-5125

Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences

ISSN: 2303-4521

Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management

ISSN: 2175-9146

Civil Engineering and Architecture

ISSN: 2332-1121

Mathematics and Statistics

ISSN: 2332-2144

International Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciences

ISSN: 2381-4403

International Journal of Entrepreneurship

ISSN: 1099-9264

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

ISSN: 1520-5045

Web of Science Journals

International Journal of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

ISSN: 2207-8363

International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking

ISSN: 2233-7857

International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing


Eurasian Chemical Communications

ISSN: 2676-6280

International Transaction Journal Of Engineering Management & Applied Sciences & Technologies

ISSN: 2228-9860